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Hot Sause Design

For this project design, the main goal was to create a branding system that was unique, eye catching, and modern.


Logo Redesign

For this project, I decided to do a rebranding case study of a well known company, Wacom. Wacom provides interactive pen displays, pen tablets, styli and apps to equip and inspire everyone to make the world a more creative place. The original designer for Wacom's logo was designed Keshen Teo. His design incorporated the notion of using all five senses when creating, as well as expressing he child-like joy one feels when using their products. When I redesigned the logo I took these concepts in mind and created a logo that embraced the nature of their products and acknowledge their loyal customers. 

Exterior sign Mockup.jpg

Branding System
This Hotel's branding identity is based on the typeface Kabel Font. lt is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by German designer Rudolf Koch for the celebration of the “trans-Atlantic cable" in Germany, 1927. All design elements were designed by utilizing

glyphs that belonged to the font family, Neue Kable, designed by Marc Schnutz, found in Adobe Fonts. The base of all design chooses were made with the intent to create a modern, Art Deco inspired, and luxurious style.

Opia_branding guide spread.jpg

Branding Identity

Opia Eye Clinic provides consultation and surgical services. The main difference between it and other centers is that every stage of the process, from diagnosis to treatment, is done in a technical and specialized manner. The company prioritizes a comfortable environment, with quality, resolution, and reliability, allowing access to remote areas.

A few of the attributes aimed at creating the brand are: seriousness, modernity, elegance, calm, and reliability.


Branding Identity, Membership Campaign,

and Packaging Design

Lispheriya Café is a combination of a small library, a butterfly sanctuary that is home to a total of five endangered butterflies species, and a café shop. The business offers a total of five services: rentable books, coffee and desserts, butterfly kits and community outreach services through volunteering. The front of the business is a small cottage cabin which houses the café shop and library. In the backyard you will find a giant greenhouse that houses the butterflies and plants. The greenhouse also holds different sized bean bag chairs throughout, where clients can relax and read.


Prototype App Design and Branding Identity

My Closet is a prototype app designed to assist with saving time early in the morning, by helping you find an outfit within your wardrobe that matches and fits your mood/style for the day. The app is a member based app, were you get to create your own realistic self avatar, which allows you to see how the outfit will look on you with accuracy. The app has an AI system that helps with generating outfits that appeal to your needs and desires. 


Branding Identity and Packaging Design

Bright Arc Coffee House was indented brand that would be located in Sydney, Australia. 

People would be able to gather at the Coffee House to find joy, sharing art with locals and drinking a cup of high-quality coffee.

 The theme of this entire brand was inspired by graphic designer Lauren Hom's style; bright color palette, cursive typeface, and decorative elements.

To improve the market position and to encourage young people to get together more often for a cup of delicious, natural and high-quality coffee, a concept of premium, modern, bright and youthful design was considered when designing the brand.


Exhibition Catalogue and Logo

The graphic concept for the Transcendental Realm: the Art of Giant Mystical Topiary Sculptures, takes inspiration from traditional designs, since topiary is an old craft. The catalog, consists of images of some of the most impressive mystical topiary sculptures ever built in the U.S. The color palette reflects the sun and greenery used to create the sculptures.

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