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Hello! My name is Brittany Ruiz Boyzo, and I've been a freelance designer for three years now, located in Tennessee. 

Branding and interactive design are my areas of expertise. My attention to detail has led my work to be recognized for its thoughtfulness and warmth. I'm also known for my striking color palettes, a combination of script and sans-serif fonts, and illustrations.


Along with my design skills, I am also known for my ability to paint and draw. I enjoy designing and painting murals! 

Having the opportunity to meet new people and learn about what they do, what they are passionate about, and what they are attempting to achieve are some of the main reasons why I enjoy my job.

My overall goal as a designer is to help you develop a professional image that functions, communicates, and is visually aligned with your business and its message. 



Upon completion of my studies at Austin Peay State University, I earned an Associate's Degree in liberal arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. 

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